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122-4th Ave. W

Cochrane, Ab, Canada

(403) 932-7010

The BMX Shop used to be Bike Bros "backdoor" mail-order operation. Then we got scammed with stollen credit cards & decided to drop the mail-order biz. We still carry BMX. We still love BMX.

If you live in Cochrane, Calgary, Okotoks, Southern Alberta and are looking for a shop that doesn't just sell BMX but understands it - Bike Bros is here for you. Whether you race, ride trails, park or street, we can help you.

Rock on!

10 Minute website

Yes, this website took about 10 minutes to put together. The important thing is that it is here and it'll help you decide that a drive to Cochrane will get you hooked up with great BMX bikes, parts, gear, whatever.

This website once showed products and pricing of BMX stuff for sale across Canada. 2 things happened: Bike Bros. became too busy selling and servicing bikes of all types to look after the website and crooks were trying to scam us with stollen credit cards.

We still sell BMX. The shop is in Cochrane, Alberta now - NOT in Calgary. That shouldn't really matter - You can get here from NW Calgary quicker than driving 10 blocks towards downtown. We love BMX. If you want to get into BMX and want to make a purchase based on quality - not just flashy advertising - let us help you.

Race Stuff

Being sized to the wrong bike sucks - and it wastes money. Being told that a custom race bike is the only way to win also sucks - unless you're loaded, then by all means, drop as much money as you want. We know sizing. We know what makes race bikes work and what will help to fill the trophy room fastest.

Why shop here?

This is a rider owned retail shop selling the best in BMX. Yes, I still ride. Yes, I suck compared to the current crop of riders. At one point though, actually for about 15 years of my life, I ate, slept, and lived BMX.

It started with my first dirt jumping trails. I was 11 and all I did was dig jumps and ride. I didn't really even know what BMX was. All I knew was that my life wasn't worth living if I couldn't ride. That was 25 years ago. In the inbetweentime, I managed to become a Canadian Vert champ, be one of the first Canadians to compete at the international level (2Hip KOV Finals). I think Jay Miron competed within a week or two in California as well.

Me and my friends, Corey, Tony, John, Ryan made up the Wild Style freestyle team. We performed freestyle shows with our portable ramp for years. Corey and I went to St. Louis with Jay Miron for shows once. I got to perform with Ron Wilkerson in Seattle and my final highlight was riding a halfpipe while Chix Digit played in Olympic Plaza around year '00.

This sport rules. It has kept me from getting in trouble. It helped some friends get into trouble. BMX is in my heart. Let me help you feel the addiction too.

Bike Bros. Brands

We proudly offer the following brands: selected for their top quality, performance, value, and customer support.